Lace Layer Freeze Melt Spray - Glueless Adhesive Holding Spray
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Women using our freeze melt glueless adhesive spray
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Lace Layer Freeze Melt

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Lace Layer, and our team of cosmetic chemists worked to develop an adhesive freeze spray designed to secure your wig with the ultimate hold.

Product Details:
Lace Layer Freeze Melt is a trusted lace adhesive spray specially formulated with you in mind! The easy to use spray nozzle makes it easy to apply the product evenly, so you can get the hold you need, where you need it. The fast-drying formula means that you can install your wig in no time, making your daily hair routine a lot easier.

Key Features and Benefits

Glueless and Easy to use - Our glueless spray will keep your wig place throughout the day. Apply daily and remove at night.

Long-lasting hold: designed to provide a strong hold that won't easily come undone, giving you the confidence to go about your day without worrying about your hairstyle falling apart.

Instant Dying -Simply spray it onto your hair and let it dry. The product will hold your hair in place, giving it a defined and polished look that will last all day long.

Invisible Bonding - Our formula is specially designed, apply the adhesive, and watch the freeze melt blend with your scalp to make for a natural look, you’ll forget you used spray, that is why they call us the Lace Layer

Customer Reviews

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Hands down!!

Awesome hold for all types of wigs. Also used it as hairspray!! All around awesome product!!!