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Unlock Exclusive Rewards with LACELAYER's Loyal AF Program!

We're thrilled to introduce our LACELAYER Loyal AF Rewards Program, designed to make your shopping experience even more rewarding. Here's how you can start earning points and enjoying exclusive perks:

1. Sign Up and Earn 200 Points: Kickstart your rewards journey by signing up at Lacelayer.com. As a welcome gift, you'll instantly receive 200 points that you can use towards your future purchases.

2. Shop and Earn 5 Points for Every $1 Spent: The more you shop, the more you earn! For every dollar you spend, you'll earn 5 points. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing LACELAYER and staying LOYAL AF!

3. Follow Us @LACELAYER and Get 50 Points: Stay in the loop and follow us on Instagram @LACELAYER. As a token of appreciation, you'll receive 50 points to add to your rewards balance. Don't miss out on the latest trends and exclusive updates!

4. Birthday Bonus - Celebrate with 200 Points: We believe birthdays should be extra special. That's why, on your special day, we're gifting you 200 bonus points to make your celebration even more memorable.

5. Give and Receive - Refer a Friend: Invite your friends to slay with LACELAYER! When you refer a friend to LACELAYER and they make a purchase, not only do they get a $5 off coupon, but you also receive a $5 off coupon!

Ready to Start Earning? Here's How: Sign up today at Lacelayer.com and click on the blue rewards tab at the bottom of the site to get started on your rewards journey. It's that simple!

We welcome you to join LACELAYER's Loyal AF Rewards Program and indulge in the perks of being part of our amazing community.

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