Celebrating Black Owned Beauty: Lace Layer by Arlene Baldwin

Lace Layer Owner and Creator Arlene Baldwin was honored by The Palette as they Celebrate Black Owned Beauty!
Arlene sat down with the Palette to discuss her entrepreneur journey and what inspired her to start Lace Layer!
What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
My driving force of becoming an entrepreneur was to fill a void in the wig industry. I started wearing lace wigs ten years ago. I struggled to find a reliable lace glue that I could do regular activities in, including working out, swimming and vacations to hot and humid places. I struggled to get value out of my lace wig install because they wouldn’t last more then a few days. Lace Layer is the solution to that issue. Our customers can swim, dance, sweat, enjoy tropical vacations and not have to worry about their lace wig lifting.
Please tell us how you started or why you created this brand?
We wanted to create a brand that can be trusted by the people who depend on these products everyday, by someone who also looks like them and understand how impactful it is providing good quality products. After years of using non reliable lace glue, it was time for me to develop a waterproof lace glue that customers can trust to keep their wig secure, flawless, and long lasting.

 What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Seeing people across America submit tutorial videos of them using Lace Layer has been most satisfying. It means a lot to me that more people are becoming to be proud wig wearers. Lace Layer aims to remove the stigma around wearing wigs, so when I see these videos from our customers, it truly is rewarding for me that I could contribute to something really meaningful in other people's lives.